About six years ago, hotelier Jerry Patel was looking for a cost-effective way to protect his considerable investment in guestroom furniture. Specifically, the owner of the Hampton Inn and The Heart of Dillon properties in Dillon, SC wanted to reduce the nicks and scratches his furniture received from vacuum cleaners.

"We asked our vacuum cleaner vendor for a recommendation, and he suggested Soft Vac," says Patel. "We've used the product ever since, and we're very happy with it."

By installing Soft Vac facility protection covers on his vacuum cleaners, Patel has been able to prevent scratches on his properties' furniture and  has discovered that "it  greatly reduces the number of times our maintenance people need to do touch-ups," says Patel.


Made of high-density foam  rubber  and soft cordura fabric, Soft Vac slips on in seconds and protects guestroom walls and furniture. Used widely throughout the hospitality industry, Soft Vac is also offered as an accessory by the Oreck, Windsor and Powr-Flite vacuum cleaner companies.

Case Study - Reprint from Lodging Hospitality

At Saddlebrook Resort near Tampa, FL, housekeepers began to notice unsightly blue striping on the skirting material added during a recent renovation. What's more, the housekeepers often caught the low-hanging skirting material in their vacuum cleaners. "At first, we couldn't figure out what was causing the problem. We assumed it was a defect in the skirting material, but eventually we decided that wasn't the issue."


Soft Vac created custom covers for Saddlebrook's 600-plus vacuum cleaners (one is in each guest unit). Installation took "no time at all," and the skirting problem disappeared. "The product has worked for us in other ways, too. The renovation also included the addition of new wooden baseboards, which Soft Vac also protects. All in all, we're very pleased with the product. It has met all of our needs."



Dale O'Neil, Director of Purchasing, Saddlebrook Resort, Tampa, FL

The Four Seasons New York uses a Soft Vac cover to avoid paint marks and scratches on furniture that inevitably occur when vacuuming 370 rooms a day. Soft Vac makes it a win-win situation at the luxury hotel.

"We use the Soft Vac cover on the bottom of the vacuums and it prevents damage to our furniture in the rooms," says Meryl Flynn, Executive Housekeeper. Flynn has been using the covers since she joined the hotel two years ago.

The vacuum covers are navy and come in different sizes to fit the vacuum cleaners. They just peel off and stick right on, says Flynn.

"The Velcro will wear out faster than the cover. You put the Velcro strip on the bottom of the vacuum and put the cover on it," says Flynn. She also appreciates the help of the Soft Vac representatives. "Soft Vac works with you, absolutely," she says, noting a Soft Vac representative has "come to the hotel to look at the covers."

"We use them on every vacuum and we'll continue to do so. They really prevent damage to the furniture in our rooms," says Flynn. "If the room attendant is not careful and the vacuum hits the furniture, the color can come off and mark the furniture. Soft Vac keeps that from happening."

Case Study - Reprint from Lodging Hospitality

"When you're cleaning 15 rooms a day, you're not paying much attention to the baseboards and furniture. They tend to get beaten up. It's been a terrific product; we would never go without it again."

Pauline Swain, Executive Housekeeper, Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

"They save on wear and tear of furniture. They help muffle sound and they make the vacuum look attractive. They are a lot less expensive than replacing your furniture."

Russel Rieder, Facility Manager, Sand Dollar Beach and Tennis Resort, Sanibel, FL

"We just had a complete renovation and I wanted to make sure that we got Soft Vac before the furniture was delivered."

Tracy Sims, General Manager, La Quinta Inn Central, Dallas, TX

"The covers save a lot of time, time that would have been spent constantly repairing nicks and dents."

James Ely, Head of Maintenance, La Quinta Inn Central, Dallas, TX

"Since the 1,574 room Hilton Anaheim added Soft Vac to its vacuums, the company has saved money and cut down on wear and tear. There has been less maintenance of furniture and less refinishing. Soft Vac covers even make the vacuums look more professional. You recycle vacuum cleaners more often now, so this tends to give a more professional appearance. If a vacuum gets
tossed we just recycle the Soft Vac. I haven't seen any rip or fall apart. It's a smart product."             

Sergio Bocci, Executive Assistant, Anaheim Hilton

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