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Soft Vac® facility protection covers prevent the nicks, dents and scratches that occur during the cleaning process. Manufactured with soft cordoura fabric on the outside and high-density foam rubber inside, Soft Vac® is made for just about every style of vacuum from conventional uprights to backpack models.

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Multiple Styles

Whatever vacuum your company or organization uses, Soft Vac® can cover you.

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Best Western Crowne Plaza HYATT Radisson Ramada Days Inn Sheraton Four Seasons LA Quinta Marriott TRC Wyndham
  • High-density foam rubber cushion
  • Attractive, soft cordoura fabric
  • Velcro fasteners for easy installation
  • Re-usable on multiple vacuum cleaners
  • Passes heat retention tests by major vacuum manufacturers
  • Private labeling available
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Soft Vac®'s benefits are immediate - easy order, simple install and no more needless damage to equipment or furniture.


Our Soft Vac® product has almost too many features to count. Just holding one in your hands gives the “ah-ha!” moment.

  • Completely eliminates the nicks, dents or scratches that vacuum cleaners cause on facilities and furnishings
  • Enhances your professional image by improving the appearance of vacuums
  • Extends the useful life of vacuums
  • Increases productivity, as cleaners can vacuum without the worry of damage from their vacuum
  • Helps reduce vacuum noise (Attention Hospitality Industry!)
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